Preventative Maintenance and Tune-Up

Offered by La Strada service for only $79.95

Because dark, oily, over roasted coffee beans are popular in North America, the lifespan of the espresso machines is severely reduced due to grinder problems (burnt grinder motors) and pressure reducer blockage that eventually lead to pump failure.

In order to prolong the life of your espresso machine, we highly recommend a periodic tune-up to keep it working in optimum condition.

La Strada all-inclusive tune-up consists of completing each of the following items for your espresso machine:

  • Pressure Reducers and Turbine Flush 
  • Overall Cleaning of the Grinder Assembly 
  • Removal of the Oily Coffee Build-up Throughout 
  • Complete Descaling
  • Steam Pressure Check
  • Milk Frother Check
  • Milk Frother Cleaning
  • Grinder Settings Adjustment and Tune-up
  • Lubrication of both Gear Boxes
  • Lubrication of Brewing Mechanism and other moving parts
  • Dozer Clean up and Adjustment
  • Espresso Coffee Test
  • Espresso Flow Check
  • Pump Pressure Check 
  • Sensor / Micro switches Cleaning and Synchronization
  • Complete overall tune-up of the machine 

You can trust La Strada service with your espresso machine. We are ESPRESSO MACHINE business only, backed up by capable, qualified, factory trained engineers and technicians for over 25 years.

Bring your machine in today, no appointment needed.

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