Chicco d'Oro Coffee

Choosing the right espresso coffee beans is essential, both to make the best-tasting cup of coffee, your HEALTH, and the life span of your grinder/machine. La Strada is proud to be the exclusive Canadian importer of the Caffe Chicco d'Oro range of whole espresso beans and ground coffee.

Caffe Chicco d’Oro from Switzerland blends only top quality 100% ARABICA LOW ACIDITY ESPRESSO COFFEE BEANS to achieve a flavourful and rich espresso taste. Due to their advanced roasting systems, the result is the AUTHENTIC, DRY-ROASTED quality espresso. It has a smooth finish, it doesn’t taste bitter and does not leave a bitter aftertaste.

That’s why it’s not surprising Chicco d’Oro is the Number One consumer-preferred espresso coffee in Switzerland and most of the world.

Available in Canada since 2011.

Imported and distributed by La Strada.